Watercolor Basics with Kailee (Invitation only)


June 1st | 7:30 | Kailee’s House

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(Closed invitation event)

Thank you so much! I’m super pumped to have YOU (yes, you!) take part in the birth of my Watercolor Basics Workshop. In this workshop you will receive insight on watercolor tools and paper, as well as various tricks & tips I use. You’ll create your very own solar system using a different watercolor technique for each planet! Also, time depending (because we’re all figuring things out here), you’ll paint a final project of your choice…with some guidance. If you don’t finish you fail. JK no worries guys you’ll get to take home your very own Winsor & Newton watercolor set that comes with a mixing tray and a travel size brush!  **Feel free to bring your own brushes and watercolors if you want. Make sure to label them with your name so they don’t get mixed in with the madness!

There will be wine (to drink. and watercolor with?)!

I’m discounting this first class because I will be asking you to fill out a short survey afterward, so you’ll have to give me some honest feedback so I can work to make this event the best it can be! You da best.


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