May 30th, 2015
Portland, Oregon

Alex & Daniel’s guest list was full of addresses from all over the map, so a driving goal with these designs was to convince friends and families how wonderful Oregon could be as a destination wedding location – and also show how much love they have for their home.

For the “Save the Date” cards we whittled down to 3 related reasons: mountains, forests, and coast – all surrounding their wedding location in downtown Portland. After figuring out their wordmark design motif, the hardest part was sifting through the massive database of photos from my many Oregon adventures (thanks Duke!) to find the right ones for the job: Mt. Hood, Ramona Falls, and Seal Rock.

For wedding invitations, I tied into the same theme as the save the dates but reversed the figure / ground: instead of the shape of Oregon as the void in the center, literally make it the invitation! I did some driving around in the foresty-but-also-kinda-industrial outskirts of Vancouver, WA to order a die cut in the shape of Oregon and then proceeded to irritate my neighbors by pounding them all out by hand. Fun! Final touch was some sexy shimmering envelopes for instant zazz!