September 3, 2016
San Francisco, California

O & M’s yard is a San Francisco secret garden: hidden amongst a row of doors, through a tunnel, under a row house and finally opening into a succulent sanctuary. What a place for inspiration, am I right? A mix of hand drawn succulent patterning, vibrant watercolors, a dash of Rorschach inspiration and you get a bright modern wedding stationery suite!

For our wedding invites and stationary, Kailee not only got us an amazing product, but did it on a budget, on a deadline, and without any helpful direction (we really were all over the map in the beginning).  She took and converted our jumbled ideas into a cohesive design motif that is not only attractive but really helped us create the over all theme of our event.  This may sound silly but I think I may frame my wedding invites and save the dates, is that weird?  I cannot recommend a graphic artist more highly.

Orrin & Margo

Groom & Bride